Every Business Secure

We believe every business deserves to be safeguarded against ransomware attacks and other cyber security threats. We're here to make that happen!




Our Process

Our Process

We believe starting with a strong foundation is the key to success for any technology deployment.  Therefore, we developed a multistage analysis for prospective clients to walk through with us to ensure smooth business operation and the maximum potential for success. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of repair. Here’s our process for new clients:

Needs Analysis & Discovery Meeting
Light Network Analysis
Meeting to Review Analysis
Final Project Design & Proposal
Project Authorization
Project Execution
Ongoing Support

Your Results

We believe in helping our clients grow their businesses by providing excellent infrastructure and a strategic deployment of tools. We work so that you can do your work better. We’re excited to show you the outstanding potential of partnering together.

Your Results
Your Results Work


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What We're About

Based in Bend, Oregon and Central Oregon, we're here to serve your small business with world-class, efficient and effective IT support, cyber security services, and training to better prepare your company for success by using your tools and technology to the highest level, preempt cyber-threats, and safeguard against downtime.

In addition, layered security is the next step in securing your mission-critical data and workflow. It includes securing your internet layer, network layer, people layer, application layer, and device layer. We believe in a layered security approach to securing your tech. It's just one of the exceptional IT support and managed services we provide to Central Oregon businesses like yours.

What People Say


​Who We Are

We believe in the unlimited potential of small business. While working with a firm providing IT support for medium sized businesses, Harrison continued to see the growing need for small businesses to receive top-notch IT support. Small businesses continue to be targeted by cyber criminals and are usually vastly unprepared for the threats of today. There are many ways that businesses can leverage their technology. With that in mind, Harrison and Chadbourne teamed together with the mission to prepare and equip small businesses with the best tools and technology to conquer the unique challenges of today.

Chadbourne Lovegren

Chadbourne Lovegren, PE, PMP, MBA

Director of Operations/ Founder

Chadbourne brings a wealth of experience in process development, programming, cyber security, Microsoft, Google, Azure, endpoint management, project management and business development. He also holds a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification and Professional Engineering (PE) license. He enjoys helping others better protect their businesses and making technology work well for them.

Harrison Womack

Harrison Womack, Security+, PenTest+

Director of Customer Centrality/ Founder

Harrison comes equipped with years of experience in the vast world of IT. He carries a Security+ certification and is passionate about creating positive change through business. He believes in helping small and micro-businesses be safe and effective with their technology.

Jonathan Gryphon

Adam Southard

Support Technician I

Adam has been passionate about technology from a very young age. It started as playing Nintendo video games and has evolved into an overall passion for computers and dare-we-say lifestyle. He is a US Army Veteran and has lived in multiple states including Texas, Florida, and Arkansas. He enjoys learning about everything computers. When he's not in front of one, you'll probably find him snowboarding Bachelor or Hoodoo - or at least dreaming about it in the off season. 

Christopher Terrell

Christopher Terrell, A+

Support Technician I

Computers and technology have been a big interest for Christopher since he was a kid and Windows 95 was the latest and greatest operating system. He's an avid rock climber, a mediocre (yet fun) musician, a novice wood worker, a builder of computers, and an unstoppable board game/party game player. He enjoys the team and the opportunity to serve others through stewarding their technology. 

Jonathan Gryphon

Grant Gamble, A+, Network+, Security+

Project Support Specialist

Grant has had a strong interest in technology ever since his parents brought home their first Mac computer and original PlayStation. Professionally, he started with the Bend La Pine school district as a Media Manager and now holds multiple IT certifications, including CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+. He’s a budding bookbinder, avid reader of sci-fi and fantasy, and enjoyer of video games and board games with his friends. He’s excited for the opportunity to learn more, serve the community, and be a part of an awesome team.        

How We Work


We're remote-first! This means we have a commercial location and we're all local, but the brunt of our day-to-day work is done in a remote setting. We believe in being effective and agile with our work and, as a tech company, think our environment ought to reflect this perspective. There are unique challenges with distributed teams that are not as prevalent with a collocated workforce. We understand and that's why we have a strategic approach to it.

Cyber Security

Remote-first doesn't mean cyber security has to take a backseat. In fact, it's more prevalent than ever and aligns with the cyber security best-practice of Zero Trust. Essentially, this means we secure not only the perimeter, but access at every level.


We're cloud-first and that means everything is accessible when needed, but only to the level needed (i.e. least-privilege). We also developed a QMS to methodically document everything we do, which allows the next person to pick right up where the other one left off. We believe that once we've hit that communication Shangri-La, the effort will naturally be spent on real tasks, not simply getting the information to do them.


We utilize a virtual collaborative workspace and a fishbowl (or virtual window: a technique taken from the Agile practitioner's toolbelt). A fishbowl is essentially a live video feed of every team member to allow collaboration at a moment's notice. The continuous live video in itself helps to foster a culture where no one feels that they're left working on their own. Rather, the team's already right there and ready to support.


We intentionally make it fun! We recognize that it's important to build your social network and make meaningful connections with customers and colleagues. We found it's all about proactive intentionality. As a result, we actively foster a workplace culture that rallies together to support each other as a team.

What We Do Outside of Work

We enjoy working hard and making a real difference in the lives of our customers and community. At the end of the day when we put down our glasses, we like to have some fun, too!