In the ever-evolving landscape of data security, the analogy of fortresses and moats, reminiscent of medieval times, has been a longstanding one. Traditionally, building a strong boundary around one's castle, akin to erecting firewalls and encryption protoco...

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Is it worth it to buy a better computer? It's time that business owners start thinking about the costs per hour of their employees and the cost of slow computers in their workplace. Many business owners don't realize the financial impacts they're creating simply by buying cheap tools (computers) for...

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  1. Bad actor gets the indication that your email works
    1. Most links sent in an email will be unique to the email it's sent to. If you click the link the bad actor will know that your email address is up and working. Also, they'll know that you are the type of person that clicks links so they'll probably s...
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Top 5 Cyber Security Threats to Small Business
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Longtime friends launch IT business...
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