How to Work Remotely

03.18.20 10:09 PM Comment(s)

With so many of us unable to work at our offices we figured it would be timely to set out some tips and tricks for how to do that effectively. We'll go through a couple of scenarios and some tips to get the most out of your time when you're isolated. 

If you can't take your computer with you

If you're one of those unfortunate souls who can't take your computer home with you you'll need some ways to access it. Here are a couple of tools you could try to access it (see below). You will need to install a program and run it on the computer you want to access.

Remote meetings

Most meetings are a complete waste of time, but if you find there are some that must continue while everyone is offsite, consider some of the following apps. 

Access to your files

Undoubtedly you cannot work without your files. Here are the best ways to access your files at work and remotely.

Emailing from anywhere

Believe it or not there are some folks who can't access there email from any device... and that's crazy to me. Here are the best email providers. If you aren't using one of these you need to have a long talk with your IT guy: