How to help your grandma with Cyber Security

01.06.20 07:53 AM Comment(s)

It's a new year and it's a time for setting resolutions to become a better person. Here's one for ya: help your grandma get a better cyber-security posture. Hopefully these steps are so easy she can teach herself, but she may need your assistance. Unfortunately, the elderly are often targets for spammers and criminals, so it's really important to have "Internet Talk" with your grandma (or you dad or mom or brother or sisters). 

Start Simple

  1. Watch out for SPAM. If you aren't expecting it, there's a good chance it's not real. This can also come in may different ways. Text messages, emails, Facebook messages,  and the classic snail-mail. 
  2. Use some kind of password manager. You've heard it over and over again (hopefully grandma has too), but few of us actually practice not reusing passwords. Here's a link to a blog evaluating different options: External Link.

  1. Have and update anti-virus on your computer. If you're using a Windows 10 PC, the built-in windows defender is good enough. Just make sure that it's turned on and updating automatically. No need to pay for an additional subscription unless you are a business owner and want to make sure you're secure (Talk to us in that case, and we can help). 
  2. Use a modern web browser. I would recommend Chrome as well as Edge Beta (Which is built on chromium). Here's a link to our blog reviewing different web browsers: External Link.