Manage Your Tech, Free Your Time

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How Can I Free My Time?

Do you enjoy putting out fires in your business? I sure don't. It's the worst when my network goes down, my computer freezes, or that program simply doesn't do what it is supposed to do. What if there was a way to focus on what matters most and not live crisis to crisis?

You purchase internet, that special program that allows you to conduct business, and hopefully antivirus for your computers. Is that enough? Well, you don't purchase a car and just run it till it breaks down. You change the oil and perform preventative maintenance. Unfortunately, it doesn't stop at the computer purchase or initial network setup. You need to make sure you are doing the preventative maintenance to keep it working. This is where managed services come in to free up your time. They allow you to proactively manage your tech to keep it working in tip-top shape.

Here are a few of the things that managed services can do for you:

  • Keep your computers up-to-date, such as the following:
    • Operating system (OS)
    • Antivirus and device security
    • Software and drivers
    • Firmware and BIOS
  • Keep your network up-to-date
  • Monitor network performance and internet connectivity
  • Manage assets and their warranties
  • Provide remote access for rapid support and recovery when things inevitably do go wrong
  • Guarantee support response times so you are back up and running as quickly as possible in the event something does go wrong

As an alternative to managed services, you could try hiring an IT person at an on-demand or break-fix capacity. However, you might not find it worthwhile if you're constantly stuck in crisis mode or you have employees being paid to just sit there? Your time is valuable. It only takes one catastrophe - that could have been avoided by a little preventative maintenance - to payback the cost of years of managed services. In the same way you don't run your car into the ground, you don't want to run your tech into the ground. If nothing else, your tech gets you from point A to B.

You could also try the DIY approach to IT. If your business is very small and you're fairly tech savvy, then you might be able to handle your tech needs. However, if you're running a business larger than one or two people, the indirect costs associated with downtime and inefficiencies can quickly make it not worth the effort. More of your time means more opportunities to grow your business and more of doing what matters most to you.

"Tech is like a car that needs preventative maintenance."

Why Managed Services?

Do you hire a mechanic to change the oil, belts, seals, filters, etc. in your car? If so, you probably do it because its not worth your time to learn or purchase the tools to keep your car running. It's the same with IT. The tech in your business is like a car that will break down if you don't perform preventative maintenance. You could spend your valuable time learning how to do it yourself or hire the pros to help.

Additionally, the world is full of dirt, gravel, and other debris that are waiting for their chance to get into your car and wreck havoc. The world is also full of bots and cyber criminals that are trying to get into your tech. Without the proper proactive actions and protections you are a sitting target. Don't worry. Managed services greatly help to improve your cyber security posture. They ensure your systems are up-to-date and protected with antivirus and other critical safeguards.

Free Your Time

Start managing the tech of your business with managed services and it'll pay off in spades.

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Where Did Managed Services Come From?

Historically, companies hired in-house IT technicians or outsourced for break-fix IT support. Most of this support was reactive - when something broke, a technician came to fix it. As companies began to depend more and more on uninterrupted and reliable technology, proactive IT support became the standard. If you are still relying on reactive IT support, you are falling behind. If you want your business to grow and thrive in these modern times, it's time to consider moving from reactive break-fix support to proactive managed services.

What Can I Do?

Take the next step. Move away from the crisis-life to a rich and fulfilling one where you can focus on what matters most. Start managing the tech of your business with managed services.

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