1. Bad actor gets the indication that your email works
    1. Most links sent in an email will be unique to the email it's sent to. If you click the link the bad actor will know that your email address is up and working. Also, they'll know that you are the type of person that clicks links so they'll probably s...
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If you're like most of the people I run into, they're often asking "Do I need a VPN?" They've seen some ad from a VPN provider and are convinced they need it. But what is a VPN? For the sake of this conversation, we'll be talking about VPN's you would setup on your computer, not ones from ...

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A lot of people come up to me and ask me "Do I need a VPN?" and I always respond the same way: "Maybe."

So let's dive a little deeper, and see when it makes sense to deploy a VPN. If you haven't already read our blog on what a VPN is, please do so here:


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First of all, I know there are financial gurus I really respect who disagree with me on this, and that's fine because I'm not giving you financial advice, I'm giving you cyber security advice: Don't use a debit card. Especially don't use a debit card at shady stores that don't require the chip reade...

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